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Les Orientalistes De L'Ecole Britannique

Yayınevi: ACR Edition

ISBN: 9782867700491

433,00 TL  (KDV Dahil)

Kargoya verilme süresi: 1 - 5 İş Günü

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ISBN: 9782867700491
Yazar: Gerald M.Ackerman
Cilt tipi: Şömizli Sert Kapak

The common denominator linking the artists in this book is that they all went to the Near East or North Africa and painted the experiences drawn from their travels. The "Orient" in question covers a geographic area which spread from the Balkans through the Maghreb down to Marrakech. Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt and Sudan were a part of this vaste territory as well. This "covering" of the Orient occurred during the 19th century, in between Bonaparte s campaign in Egypt and the First World War.



336 Sayfa

25 x  28. 5