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Amorium Reports 3 The Lower City Enclosure Finds Reports and Technical Studies

Yayınevi: Ege Yayınları

ISBN: 9786055607722

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ISBN: 9786055607722
Yazar: C.S. Lıghtfood and E.A. Ivıson
Cilt tipi: Sert Kapak

Check-List of Amorium Publications
General Introduction
Archaeological Introduction

  1. E.A. Ivison, Excavations at the Lower City Enclosure, 1996–2008

Finds Reports

  2. B. Böhlendorf-Arslan, The Pottery from Destruction Contexts in the Enclosure
  3. E. Lafli, Roman and Late Roman Terracotta Unguentaria: 1988–2005
  4. E. Schoolman, Middle Imperial, Late Roman, and Early Byzantine Terracotta Oil Lamps: 2002–2005
  5. C.S. Lightfoot, Middle Byzantine Terracotta Lamps: 1993–2005
  6. C.S. Lightfoot, Hellenistic and Roman Terracotta Figurines and Architectural Fragments
   7. J. Witte, Counters and Stoppers in Terracotta and Stone
  8. C.S. Lightfoot, Small Finds in Bone and Ivory
  9. J. Witte, Toys, Game Pieces, and Boards: 1988–2005
10. J. Witte, Roman and Byzantine Bricks and Tiles: 1988–2004
11. C.S. Lightfoot, Byzantine Weights and Related Material

Technical and Scientific Studies

12. A. Demirel, Two Weapon-Related Skull Traumas from the Enclosure, 2008
13. J. Giorgi, The Plant Remains
14. E. Ioannidou, Animal Husbandry
15. D.S. Reese, Inventory of Marine and Freshwater Shells
16. A.M. Shedrinsky and C.S. Lightfoot, A Byzantine Amber Bead
17. M.G. Drahor, Results from the Geophysical Survey conducted in the Lower City Enclosure


18. C.S. Lightfoot, Amorium: Facts, Myths, and Misconceptions

Errata and Corrigenda to Amorium Reports 1 and 2



530 Pages

21 x 30 cm