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Anatolian Iron Ages: The Proceedings of the Third Anatolian Iron Ages Colloquium Held at Van, 6-12 August, 1990

Yayınevi: British Institute of Archaeology

ISBN: 9781898249054

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ISBN: 9781898249054
Yazar: Kolektif
Cilt tipi: Sert Kapak

The twenty-seven papers in this collection come from the Third Anatolian Iron Ages Colloquium held at Van, Turkey, in 1990. Contributors include: M U Anabolu (The meander motif in Iron Age south-western Anatolia); O Belli (Urartian dams in eastern Anatolia); C Burney (Urartu and Iran); D Collon (Urzana of Musasir's seal); A Cilingiroglu (Excavations at the fortress of Ayanis); H Gonnet (The cemetery and rock-cut tombs of Beykoy in Phrgyia); J D Hawkins (The end of the Bronze Age in Anatolia); W Kleiss (The chronology of Urartian defensive architecture); A Ramage (Early Iron Age Sardis and its neighbours); J Reade (Campaigning around Musasir); L E Roller (The Phrygian character of Kybele); K S Rubinson (Eastern Anatolia before the Iron Age); G K Sams (Aspects of early Phrygian architecture at Gordion); V Sevin (Excavations at the Van castle mound); G D Summers (Grey Ware and the eastern limits of Phrygia); M M Voigt (Excavations at Gordion 1988-89); R Yildirim (The Urartian furniture fragments in Elazig Museum); L Zoroglu (Cilicia Tracheia in the Iron Age).



314 Pages

21,50 x 30,50 cm