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Catalogue of the Yonca Döğerli Collection

Yayınevi: Arkeoloji Sanat Yayınları

ISBN: 9789756561782

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ISBN: 9789756561782
Yazar: Pınar Döğerli B.Kafaoğlu
Cilt tipi: Karton Kapak

The purpose of this catalogue is to pressent these objects publicly, both to an academic and general audience, as well es to draw attention to the archaeological richness of the region in which they were discovered. Most of the works in the collection were found in the region of west Lycia, stretching from southwestern Anatoila to the Mediterrenean. They have been cetelogued in four lmain groups according to their material composition. Coins comprise the first group. Lamps, unquent bottles, bowls, jars, amphorae, cups, stattuette heads and spindle whorls form the second. Jewelry and glass objects make up the third group. The fourth includes column cupitals, gravestones, altars and other architectural pieces.



55 Sayfa

17 x 23,5 cm