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Gallipoli: History,Memory And National Imagination

Yayınevi: Türk Tarih Kurumu

ISBN: 9789751627353

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ISBN: 9789751627353
Yazar: Mehmet Mehdi İlhan
Cilt tipi: Karton Kapak

Gallipoli: History, Memory and National Imagination is a collection of papers presented by outstanding scholars at two international symposiums held at the Australian National University in 2008 and 2009. Both symposiums attracted quite a number of scholars in the audience who came from universities across Australia. Both symposiums were unique and the papers presented demonstrated that there is still more has to be written on various other aspects of the campaign. The Second International Symposium also received recognition form media. This book is unique in that it differs from  what has been published until now in a number of ways.

1. Most of the books published in English cover either military or political aspects of the campaign and reflect only Western perspective since they have been written by Western scholars who have had access only to the Western documents and sources.

2. Most of the books in English on the Gallipoli campaign have been written by one or two authors and therefore are either limited or similar in their interpretation of the campaign.

3. Comparatively this book covers various aspects of the campaign and reflects Australian, New Zealand, Canadian and Turkish perspectives.

4. Comparatively this book covers points of views of authors who have looked into the various aspects of campaign that cannot be traced in other books written on Gallipoli.

Almost all the papers presented were all interesting, scholarly and written by the authors who are experts in their fields. However, we had to select a number of the papers and not all in order to keep up with the thematic integrity.

Convening the symposiums was also not an easy task as we had to be very selective and conscious of which papers would attract the audience. I am therefore grateful to Professor James Piscatori who helped me in selection and organising the papers particularly for the Second Symposium. My thanks go to Professor Amin Saikal of Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies for financial support and making available the Centre’s facilities and the Lecture Theatre. I should also thank Dr. Anita Mack who provided technical support from very beginning. I must also extend my thanks to both academic and other staff members of the Centre for Arabic and Islamic Studies of Australian National University for their encouragement and help. I also would like to thank Mr. Tony Minchin for reading the articles in part two. Last, but not least I would like to thank Mr. Yasin Arık and other staff of Academic Studies Section of Turkish Historical Society, Ankara.

The book will not only serve as a text book for a course on Gallipoli that I was teaching at the Australian National University, but any other similar courses taught in other universities. The book will also address the readers who are looking for non-military and non-political aspects of the campaign. 



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16,5 x 23,5 cm.