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Greek and Roman Provincial Coins - Lydia

Yayınevi: Ege Yayınları

ISBN: 9786057673244

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ISBN: 9786057673244
Yazar: Dane Kurth
Cilt tipi: Sert Kapak

The "Greek and Roman Provincial Coins" of Lydia is thefirst corpus of coins of Lydia which, unlike BMC, SNGCopenhagen, SNG München, Gökyıldırım, Von Aulock, Mionet etc, is notlimited to examples in single collections.The new workof Lydian coins, comprising of four volumes - one forelectrum, gold and silver, the other three covering thevast variety of bronze civic and provincial Lydiancoins from Kroisos to the Valerian family, documentscoins in public, national and private collections aswell as hundreds of new varieties which have been soldup to Autumn 2019.

Approximately 7,500 Lydian coins are listed (approx. 95% of which areillustrated), with additional pages of indices,listsof types, monograms, references and sources make thenew four-volume GRPC corpus an indispensible work fordealers and collectors who aim to describe their coinswith precision.

Vol. I xix +89 pages, 678coins in 37 plates

Vol. II ix + 326 pages, 1703 coins in 131 plates
Vol. III ix + 332 pages, 1931 coins in 141 plates
Vol. IV ix + 364 pages, 2101 coins in 157 plates

Publishers Comments/ John Aiello
General Introduction/ Dane Kurth

The Early Electum, Gold and Silver Coinage of Lydia/ Italo Vecchi

The Post-Achaemenid Gold and Silver Coinage of Lydia/ Dane Kurth

  • Catalogue of Electrum and Gold Coinage of Lydia
  • Catalogue of Silver Coins of Lydia
  • Monograms
  • Bibliography and Abbreviations
  • Index of Reverse Types of Gold and Silver Coins
  • Index of Symbols on Gold and Silver Coins
  • Index of Kings, Satraps and Emperors on Gold and Silver Coins

The Bronze Coinage of Lydia- Introduction / Dane Kurth

Catalogue of Bronze Coinage of Lydia

  • Acrasus
  • Aninetus
  • Apollonis
  • Apollonoshieron
  • Attaleia
  • Bagis (Bageis)
  • Blaundos
  • Briula
  • Daldis - Flaviopolis
  • Dioshieron
  • Gordus-Julia
  • Hermocapelia
  • Hierocaesarea
  • Hypaepa
  • Hyrkanis
  • Kaystriani
  • Kilbiani, Upper
  • Klanudda
  • Magnesia ad Sipylum
  • Maionoia
  • Mastaura
  • Mostene
  • Mysomacedones
  • Nacrasa
  • Nikaia-Kilbiani
  • Nysa
  • Saitta
  • Sala (Domitianopolis under Domitian
  • Sardes (Sardis)
  • Satraps of Lydia
  • Silandos
  • Stratonikeia - Hadrianopolis
  • Tabala
  • Thyateira
  • Thyessos
  • Tmolus
  • Tomaris
  • Tralles
  • Tripolis


Bibliography and Abbreviations



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21,50 x 30 cm