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Guide For Coins Commonly Found At Anatolian Excavation ROMAN (A.D. 238-498)

Yayınevi: Arkeoloji Sanat Yayınları

ISBN: 9789756561027

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ISBN: 9789756561027
Yazar: Kenneth W. Harl
Cilt tipi: Karton Kapak

Designed to assist archaeologists unfamiliar with Roman and Byzantine coinage commonly discovered on Anatolian excavations, these guides enable the user to quickly identify coins as they emerge from the ground. Line drawings of specimens, dynastic charts, inscription lists, and catalogues of mint places allow accurate, on-the-spot classification by period, ruler, mint, and type. The handbooks also include information on monetary history, selected bibliogtaphies, and recommended catalogues to assist scholars in further research and in preparing newly excavated coins for publication.

Archaeology and Art's numismatic handbooks are based on lectures given by Dr. Kenneth Harl of Tulane University at the excavation of Metropolis as part of a comprehensive program to train students in the principles of archaeology. Future publications are planned for all the major series of Greek, Roman and Byzantine coins commonly found at Anatolian sites.




43 Sayfa

13,50 x 19,50 cm