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Paths and Walkways: Simple Projects, Contemporary Designs

Yayınevi: Chronicle Books

Ürün Kodu: 9780811814294

480,00 TL  (KDV Dahil)

Kargoya verilme süresi: 1 - 5 İş Günü

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Cilt tipi: Karton Kapak

Gardeners wanted; no experience necessary! Chronicle Books is pleased to introduce an exciting and unique new how-to series, Garden Design books. Beginning with Water Gardens and Paths and Walkways, Garden Design books present beautiful photographs of enchanting garden elements and then offer complete step-by-step directions for building the projects pictured. Featuring ideas from award-winning gardens created by renowned landscape architects, the elements include classic garden structures as well as whimsical contemporary designs. Easy-to-follow directions explain exactly what to do and how to do it, what it will cost, and how long it will take. With projects suited to both small and large spaces, the Garden Design series is more than a new collection of lovely picture books -- it is a valuable tool that enables readers to actually create their own outdoor havens. Paths and Walkways covers brick, gravel, stone, grass, wood, and concrete, and features easy "recipes" for such projects as a beach trail with poppies of Rhodes, a stepping stone bridge across a meadow, fieldstones with irises, and Mediterranean crazy paving, not to mention a complete plan for the Path of Righteousness.



119 Pages

21 x 23 cm