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Quelez The Place And Gardens

Yayınevi: Scala Books

ISBN: 9789278087401

155,00 TL  (KDV Dahil)

Kargoya verilme süresi: 1 - 5 İş Günü

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ISBN: 9789278087401
Yazar: Maria Ines Ferro
Cilt tipi: Karton Kapak

Few buildings capture the splendor of Portugal's royal past as well as the enchanting palace and gardens of Queluz. Designed by architect Jean Baptiste Robillion in the French Rococo style during the second half of the eighteenth century the palace and gardens quickly became the royal family's favorite summer residence. The book opens with a survey of the history and origins of the palace, and continues with a lavishly illustrated tour of the principal enfilade of rooms. Particular attention throughout is devoted to the architecture, the decoration and furnishings, all of which were carefully designed to create a sense of stylistic harmony. In studying the architecture and development of the formal gardens, this unique book highlights Robillion's other principal achievement at Queluz: his use of classical statues, lakes and fountains, and carefully contrived vistas to create a mythological route of discovery abounding with antique gods and heroes. 



128 Paces

19,5 x 27,5 cm