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Reflections of Ancient Anatolian Society in Archaeology

Yayınevi: Homer Kitabevi

ISBN: 9789944483377

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ISBN: 9789944483377
Yazar: Jak Yakar
Cilt tipi: Karton Kapak

This book provides students of Anatolian archaeology with a revised and detailed assessment of cultural, social, economic, political, and industrial evolution in prehistoric and preliterate Anatolia. The six principal cultural periods, as discussed in Chapters 2 to 7, constitute a time span extending third millennium BC. Chapter 1 begins with a short description of the early Holocene landscape, climate, flora, and fauna and briefly touches on the Paleolithic and Epipaleolithic ancestry of Neolithic Anatolian society, while also highlighting some of the difficulties encountered in investigating and reconstructing the lives of Anatolian hunter-gatherers and agro-pastoralists, especially their subsistence modes and economic organization, social structure, and spiritual life. Among the topics covered are ethnographic analogies in prehistoric archaeology; dynamics of culture change and cultural tranmission; use of cultural terminologies; and the chronology of incipience , primacy, and socio-economic complexity...



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17 x 24 cm