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Splendors of the Ancient East

Yayınevi: Thames & Hudson

ISBN: 9780500970522

195,00 TL  (KDV Dahil)

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ISBN: 9780500970522
Yazar: Martha L. Carter, Sidney Goldstein
Cilt tipi: Karton Kapak

World renowned for its collection of Islamic art, the al-Sabah Collection in Kuwait also houses an important collection of ancient art. Splendors of the Ancient East presents a selection of ancient artefacts from the al-Sabah Collection, most of them reproduced for the first time.

This selection is united by the personal vision of Sheikh Nasser Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah and his wife, Sheikha Hussah Sabah al-Salem al-Sabah. This vision is informed by a love of the beauty of these objects and an interest in the material culture of this region, from which grew some of the distinctive forms and design vocabulary of Islamic art.

Covering some 4,000 years, from the Bronze Age up to the dawn of the Islamic era, this book celebrates some of the beautiful objects created in the Near East and beyond, including Central and South Asia.

• Illustrates one hundred of the most beautiful and important ancient objects in the al-Sabah Collection, most published here for the first time
• Includes essays by five of the most prominent scholars in their fields
• Reproduces important bronzes, silverware and jewelry, ranging from Early Dynastic Mesopotamian offering stands, South Arabian figural sculptures and a large figure of a Sasanian lady, to a beaker formerly owned by the Assyrian king Esarhaddon, a gold scorpion necklace, and Hellenistic-period intaglios and cameos



208 Pages

24 x 28 cm