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The Harvard Medical School Guide to Men's Health: Lessons from the Harvard Men's Health Studies

Yayınevi: Free Press

ISBN: 9780684871813

510,00 TL  (KDV Dahil)

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ISBN: 9780684871813
Yazar: Harvey B. Simon
Cilt tipi: Şömizli Sert Kapak

The Harvard Medical School Guide to Men's Health" is the ultimate state of the art in men's health, assembled into a single volume containing a quarter-century's worth of hard-won knowledge -- knowledge that men need to lead longer, healthier lives. And it's assembled here because more than twenty-five years ago, researchers at Harvard Medical School and the Harvard School of Public Health began what have become the largest aggregate studies ever of men's health: the Harvard Alumni Study, the Physicians' Health Study, and the Health Professionals Follow-Up Study. Tracking the behavior and health of more than 96,000 American men over decades, the studies have regularly generated front-page health news, such as demonstrating the health benefits of low-dose aspirin, documenting the reduction in heart disease enjoyed by men who consume large amounts of dietary fiber, scientifically proving the life-prolonging effects of regular exercise, showing which supplements help and which do more harm than good, and much, much more. These studies represent the ultimate resource on what keeps men healthy -- and what doesn't. And it's a resource that's never been needed more than today: ? An American man will be diagnosed with prostate cancer every three minutes this year. ? Two hundred thirty-five thousand men will die from heart disease during the year. ?One-quarter of all sixty-five-year-olds have erectile dysfunction. ? More than half of all American men are overweight or obese. ? Every one of the ten leading causes of death in America is substantially more common in men than women. American women live nearly six years longer than American men. What are men doing about it? ? One-quarter ofAmerican men say they handle worries about health by waiting as long as possible before seeking help. One-third do not have a regular doctor. ? One-half of all American men have not had a physical exam or cholesterol test in the past year. Sixty percent of men older than fifty have not been tested for colon cancer in the past year, and 41 percent have not been tested for prostate cancer.
That's the problem. The solution is "The Harvard Medical School Guide to Men's ""Health." It features the best and most current information on the health-preserving functions of diet, exercise, and over-the-counter drugs and supplements -- the ones that really work, the ones that don't, and the ones that are dangerous. It gives straight answers on when drinking alcohol is beneficial and when it's not. It incorporates programs and advice on behavior modification and stress control. The Harvard Medical School Guide to Men's Health is the most comprehensive, easy-to-use reference to the diseases that are particularly important to men, including prostate cancer and testicular cancer, erectile dysfunction, kidney and bladder problems, and more. And it even features an easy-to-navigate guide to the health-care system that can help men work with their doctors to achieve better health. With the authority that only the world's largest and best-known medical school can provide, and the lively, clear presentation that is the hallmark of Harvard Men's Health Watch, the monthly newsletter edited by Dr. Simon, "The Harvard Medical School Guide to Men's ""Health" is an essential reference for every man -- and for everyone who cares about a man's health.



485 Pages

16 x 24 cm