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Yenikapı'nın Eski Gemileri 1- The 'Old Ships' Of The 'New Gate'

Yayınevi: Ege Yayınları

ISBN: 9786055607869

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ISBN: 9786055607869
Yazar: Ufuk Kocabaş
Cilt tipi: Sert Kapak

The Directorate of Istanbul Archaeological Museums was appointed to lead the archaeological excavations at Üsküdar, Sirkeci, Sultanahmet and Yenikapi station constructions of Marmaray and Metro Projects, among the most important transportation projects of Turkey. Our largest area of excavation is at Yenikapı on the Marmara coast, the area known as Langa, which housed the harbour of Byzantine Istanbul. Excavations at Theodosian Harbour brought to light, to date, a total of 31 shipwrecks of various sizes and types. Archaeological work on shipwrecks requires an entirely different expertise; therefore, our Museum has authorised Istanbul University’s Department of Restoration and Conservation with the documentation, lifting, conservation-restoration works as well as preparing the shipwrecks for display at the museum. The team started the work with a big staff and has already completed the lifting of and has taken into conservation eleven shipwrecks in conformity with the international norms and standards. The book in your hands explicitly presents the work conducted by the IU team employing the latest technology available, their scientific approach and the care and importance they pay to the work. Dr. Ismail Karamut, Director of Istanbul Archaeological Museums

Table of Contents:

Introduction / Maslak Rotary Club
Introduction / Ismail Karamut
Foreword by the Project Director / Sait Başaran
Foreword by the Editor / Ufuk Kocabas

"Iron Ways" and an ancient harbour on the Marmara coast / Basaran, Sait
• Konstantinopolis: Development of the imperial capital
• Portus Theodosiacus: The undiscovered harbour of Theodosios

Life at the Theodosian Harbour, wrecks and a rapid silting / Kocabas, Ufuk
• Sinking of the vessels and a rapid burial

Documentation: Reading the timber / Kocabas, Isil Ozsait
Measurements and drawings
• Labelling system
• Measurements and drawings of plans and cross-sections in situ
• Measuring with Total Station
• Full scale drawings of planking in situ
• Full scale drawings of all members
• Overall and detail photography and video-filming
• Photo-mosaic
• 3D modelling
Visual remarks
• Remarks for on site evaluation, frame system (floor timber-futtock)

Dismantling of the vessel members / Kocabas, Ufuk – Ramazan Yilmaz
• Negative mould method for lifting the planking
• Lifting the planking with L-shaped carriers
• Epoxy support for lifting
• Lifting as a single mass
• Hamburger method for lifting
• Other methods for lifting

Technological and constructional features of Yenikapi shipwrecks: A preliminary evaluation / Kocabas, Isil Ozsait Kocabas – Ufuk Kocabas
Trade ships
• Yenikapi 6 • Yenikapi 12 • Yenikapi 9 • Yenikapi 7 • Yenikapi 18 • Yenikapi 8 • Yenikapi 3 • Yenikapi 15 • Yenikapi 17
• Yenikapi 16

The first Turkish national laboratory for shipwreck conservation and reconstruction / Basaran, Sait – Ufuk Kocabas – Isil ozsait Kocabas – Ramazan Yilmaz

Identification of timbers from Yenikapi 12 shipwreck / Unal Akkemik
• Genus/species identification of the wood samples
• Timbers of the Yenikapı 12 shipwreck
• Areas of use in shipbuilding for the timbers identified
• Possible origins of the timbers

• Abbreviations
• Terminology (Compiled by Ufuk Kocabas)
• Credits

Türkçe / İngilizce


223 Sayfa

24,50 x 32 cm