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Power at Sea: Three-Volume Set

Yayınevi: Mixed Sources

ISBN: 9780826217011

205,00 TL  (KDV Dahil)

Kargoya verilme süresi: 1 - 5 İş Günü

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ISBN: 9780826217011
Yazar: Lisle A. Rose
Cilt tipi: Kutulu Karton Kapak

The 20th century was preeminently an age of warring states and collapsing empires, notes historian Lisle Rose in this three-volume, slipcased chronicle, tracing the emergence of sea power after the Age of Fighting Sail, how it was employed in war and peace, and how it has shaped civilization for more than a century. In Volume 1, Rose recalls the early 20th-century world of industrial nations engaging in a global scramble for markets and empire. In Volume 2, we see how lingering suspicions and resentments left by the Great War led to ever-greater appetites for power at sea, while in Volume 3, Rose describes the virtual disappearance of all but one great navy after 1945, making America's freedom of the seas so total that it is taken for granted.



1241 Pages

16 x 24,5 cm.