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The Complete Art of Cooking

Yayınevi: Rebo Publishers

ISBN: 9789036619479

638,00 TL  (KDV Dahil)

Kargoya verilme süresi: 1 - 5 İş Günü

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ISBN: 9789036619479
Yazar: Sylvie Girard
Cilt tipi: Sert Kapak

The Complete Art of Cooking 1000 techniques and recipes Make your culinary dreams come true with this wide-ranging cookbook: More than 1000 beautiful recipes illustrated with step-by-step pictures. Master cookery by acquiring practical know-how: from fried eggs to terrines, from gratins to roasts, from papillotes to grills, from tarts to soufflés, and not to overlook sauces and creams. From traditional recipes to modern creations: learn how to cook pasta correctly; prepare an Asian sauté in a wok; make fritters and jelly; prepare chili con carne or fish soup. All this, and more, is brought within your reach! The chefs recipes showcase particularly delectable specialties, and there is no need to worry any more about leftover-there are countless ideas for reusing them. Every dish comes with menu suggestions and recommended wines. This indispensable book will be your constant companion in the kitchen.



719 Pages

22,50 x 22,50 cm